Today is not actually my birthday. It was several days ago, but it’s still January, so I guess the celebration atmosphere is still in the air.

This year, I’m turning 22 years old. *God, I love this number <3* I didn’t expect anything on my birthday, and I truly got what I expected haha. Well, I’m just not excited by birthday anymore. But I do count on my new age. I’m waiting this age. Although I hate being old, and I hate twenties, I do love 22. And I love this song, haha :D. I really really wanna thank Taylor Swift for making this song just before my 22nd birthday. Just a luck coincidence, fufufu.

People usually make a new resolution for new year, but I don’t. For me, who was born in January, new year means new age. So, I usually make my resolution on my birthday. But this year, I didn’t, haha. I don’t know what I have to do this year. Or wanna do. Or want something. My life is just THAT flat for the last few years. One thing that I definitely have to get this year is my bachelor degree. I have to graduate. Soon. I don’t wanna stuck in college anymore. I wanna be free.

So, I guess that will be my resolution this year, haha. I really hope it happen. 🙂