I’m in love with this character. Clearly, I am. Hahaha

Yeah, well, I’m one of those Hunger Games’s fans. I love reading books, especially fiction. But, I knew Hunger Games from it’s movies first then it’s books. After I watched The Hunger Games movie, I like character Peeta Mellark more than Gale Hawthorne. Girls usually like Gale more than Peeta. Yeah, I know Liam Hemsworth is kinda dreamy, haha. But I don’t. I don’t know why but I could see there’s something more in Peeta that was not covered by the movie. I usually attract to something or someone like that. Things that others don’t notice, but have more value than the popular one. Of course, I mean in real life too.

And, as usually, my gut is right. When I started reading the books, I knew character Peeta better. And he was one of the true kindness that existed. Well, at least in books, hehe. He was one of those people that did good things just because they couldn’t do bad things. They did good things because they wanted to do it, no motive at all. He was sincere. He demanded nothing in return. At all. And I think that was what made Katniss fell in love with him. And also do I, haha. :p

I usually burst into tears when I read the part where Peeta told how much he cared about Katniss or showed his love to her. It was so pure that no one could deny how true and big his love was. He never told how much he loved Katniss. He just showed. But I think that is what really count. I read Twilight Saga as well, and Edward Cullen’s love is the biggest love I had ever known before I knew Peeta. Edward sometimes showed his egoistical side which Peeta never did. Peeta was not only kind to Katniss. He was kind to everyone. But he was ready to confront any dangers that threatened the one he loved. And for me, it is more noble than what Edward did. I never fall for Edward, but I do fall for Peeta.