Theodore Taptiklis — June 10, 2014

Theodore Taptiklis

I guess you might be saying “Who the hell is Theodore Taptiklis?”, right? Haha. Yeah, well, he’s one of many hollywood hotties. He’s well known by his stage name, but I don’t wanna write it here, because I don’t want this article to go around. From now on I’ll refer him as Theo.

Theo is the second man that can, literally, take my breath away. Did I meet him? No, of course not! We’re at different side of earth, don’t be silly (well, maybe I should tell that my self, haha). No, we haven’t met (yet :p). But yeah, he did take my breath away, haha. This was happened when I watched one of his movie at a cinema. It was scene when he appeared the first time on that movie. His face covered most of the screen and he looked at camera so intensely. Well, I know he looked at the camera, but with his big face on screen and I watched him on darkness like I were alone and with that intimidating looking of him, I couldn’t help feeling that he gave ME that look. I couldn’t help feeling he looked at ME. Then, I forgot breathing.

I know that was silly, haha, but I couldn’t help it! God, I wish I could.

Theo is not the kind of actor that many girls (or women – I never consider me as a woman) as a cutie. He’s not cute, but he is hot and very very good looking. Although, most girls usually won’t consider Theo as the hottest or the most handsome. But I do :D. And I’m wondering why.

As I wrote before, Theo is the second man that can, literally, take my breath away. Then who was the first? The first one was my crush at high school. I never really found what made me like him either, and I was still wondering. Then, when Theo took my breath away for the first time, I started to compare him with my crush. I found my self surprise as I realized that they both have a pair of deep-set eyes, although Theo’s are deeper, their eyes color also similar, but my crush’s are darker. They both have big long nose, thick lip, square strong jaw, big Adam’s Apple, large forehead, sturdy figures, perfect teeth and tanned skin. I dropped my jaw when I compared their photographs. I know they don’t look alike but their features are so similar. And Theo’s features are so perfect to me that they can affect me, even from the screen.

Before I watch this movie of Theo, I never realized what is my type of men. I was always questioning why do I never really move on from my crush. But, after that movie, I realize Theo is the perfect version of my kind of men. Physically. He’s not photogenic (neither my crush), but he’s really intimidating in real life (or video at least :p)