Everyone must have been upset once in a lifetime. Upset. Hurt. Brokenhearted. Grief. And then, someone close to you will ask what happened and you tell them. If there was nothing they can do (or anyone else) about your situation, they’re going to say that, “It’ll be okay, you just need some time. After all, time heals all wounds.” My advice for you, don’t believe any word on that last sentence, it’s big fat lie.

Time has nothing to do with healing your wound(s). For me, time is like painkillers. At first, you only use small dosage. As time flies, you increases your dosages. You become numb, but doesn’t mean the pain is gone. As you go through your routine, you realize you doesn’t need painkillers anymore. There are so much things that can distract you. But, there’s always thing(s) which can bring up again your attention to your pain. This trigger(s) works every time. The pain you’re feeling is not as wounded as the first time you acknowledge it. It’s not as bad, but it’s there.

My point is, it’s wrong if you’re hoping the pain will gone. It won’t be gone. It’s there, leaving a scar. Maybe it’ll be easier, maybe not. But it won’t be unnoticed.